my sock…

Here’s another look at my sock – I forgot to show you the bottom. Look at the cool stripy-ness. :D

(It’s so hard to get the color right with this yarn, but this is close, I think)

This picture was taken AFTER I ripped out the heel. I’ve got the rhythm of the heel – I understand it and can do it, but still have trouble ‘reading’ where I am, so when I worked on it earlier today, I’d forgotten I was in the decreases and started increasing again. So I shall start the heel once more… over 40 stitches, oy vey…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “my sock…

  1. This sock is soooo pretty. Great job, Saffron. I’m really looking forward to see it finished. The knitting smiley is cute, too. :-)

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