Here’s the Very Special Socks:


Here’s MY sock with Dave’s yarn:


Sorry to be low on details … I’m kinda bummed, that along with my hayfever symptoms this year, I’ve (re)discovered that I’m allergic to wool. I know that there are alternatives and I will definitely explore them. This just puts a crimps in knitting AND spinning project ideas that I have for the next few months.
Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org How many days until Friday??

4 thoughts on “update…

  1. For you, there are only two more days until Friday. The rest of us still have three, but you can have one of my days.
    So sorry to hear about your wool allergy. My spring (hay?) fever has been going crazy, too, and there is NOTHING even in bloom yet!

  2. Beautiful socks. No make this awesome socks, especially the ones you’re doing for yourself. :-)

    Two more days until Friday but it’s not that long anymore. Honestly! Promised!

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