tour de fleece 2010 – week one

For this year’s Tour de Fleece, I’m pretty much goin’ it alone – my own personal challenge. is not active for this year’s challenge and I decided not to do the Ravelry version after not enjoying it last year… and I’m havin’ fun.

On July 3, I bought some Schacht hand cards – 72 ppi…

I did dye some merino fiber, but after impatiently waiting for it to dry, I decided to pull some fiber that I’d previously dyed and card it with some natural color merino – total of 4 oz. I really enjoyed blending the fiber with my new fiber tools and made my first rolags. :)

This was a good opportunity to work on my long draw.

I heard a tip in episode 4 of the SpinDoctor podcast that helped tremendously – so I’m working to draw back at the same speed the twist enters the fiber. This is very challenging. One moment it’s working then the next moment I lose it. I know fiber preparation has a lot to do with the success of this technique so I figure that better I get at the fiber prep, the better I’ll get at the long draw.

I’m planning on chain-plying once I finish the singles. I can’t wait to see how it looks! :D

3 thoughts on “tour de fleece 2010 – week one

  1. such pretty fluffy rolags! i want to pet them! and it’s spinning up so pretty. i can’t wait to see the finished yarn either. :)

  2. I’m with you on the TDF solo version. I’ve been doing a fair amount og spinning (as usual?), and it’s a fun personal challenge.
    Nice Schacht carders. I’ve never seen those before.

  3. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see it plied. I have some of those carders, but haven’t used them yet. Maybe it isn’t as simple as I was thinking after seeing your wonderful rolags…I am not even familiar with the term!

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