is there such a thing as too many hobbies?

I’ve given up thinking I can focus mostly on my knitting & spinning as my main hobbies. Other ones keep sidetracking me.

On a recent trip to the bookstore, I made an unexpected purchase:

Sewing? I haven’t sat down at a sewing machine in over 10-15 years when I made a couple of pillows. I took sewing in home ec but never liked sewing – but I never looked beyond making clothes. I have no desire to make clothes. But bags or at least the lining for any knitting bags I make do interest me. There are some knitted or crocheted bag patterns I’ve not made yet because I was avoiding that whole sewing thing …

So, why the interest now? I have no idea. But I really like this book. It’s not a book of patterns -it a book of projects, ideas that can lead to your own bag design.

Wanna know how motivated I am? I went to a fabric (quilt) store. Very intimidating. I know nothing about buying fabric, but I think I found some nice fabric for a couple of bag projects in the book.

See? (why deviate from favorite colors ;) )

I’ll keep you updated on my progress – success or not!

2 thoughts on “is there such a thing as too many hobbies?

  1. Hey, it’s great to see you taking up old hobbies. You can never have too many. You might be amazed that you are better at them than you remember.

  2. did i ever tell you i bought a sewing pattern and some fabric a few months ago? talk about the queen of too many hobbies! *L*

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