tour de fleece 2010 – finis!

I finished my yarn on the last day of the tour! :) (It was very much a coincidence ’cause I didn’t know when the end of tour was – I just wanted to spin!)

I ended up with a very nice squishy yarn. Non-superwash merino. I am a little disappointed that the blue dye bled in the finishing wash, coloring the natural end of the of the yarn, but I’ll get over it. I suppose it was inevitable but still a little bit of a bummer.

This is the first yarn that I kinda designed. I think that’s cool. I call it ‘Gradient Blues’. There’s one thing that I know for sure – it’s gonna be used for something for me.

I think the photos speak for themselves so enjoy! :)

5 thoughts on “tour de fleece 2010 – finis!

  1. That truly is beautiful yarn. Can’t blame you for saving it for yourself and am anxious to see what it is destined to become.

  2. OOH, that’s lovely! This year was the Tour de Fail for me. I only got about a bobbin and a quarter filled. I think out of 8 ounces, there’s maybe 3 or 4 oz that still need to be spun. Eh well. Such is life with a newborn. ;)

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