Happy Wheel-aversary!

Three years ago today, I brought my wheel home. Seems like I just got it!!! :)

What better way to celebrate than by spinning! :)

I have finished spinning the rainbow singles. I will let the twist settle a bit before I wash and finish the yarn.

I have now picked up the pink & black merino/tencel blend I started a while ago. (Although bobbin #1 is missing. Time for a bobbin hunt, I guess). But here’s the progress on bobbin #2.

Can’t wait to see how this looks plied!! :D

for charity

my work is having a drive for goods and supplies for a local domestic violence shelter. their need includes art supplies.

I had a box of acrylic yarn that I took in and today I stopped Michael’s to pick up some more stuff.


I got some yarn (it was on sale!!), crochet hooks, couple sets of straight needles and a set of double pointed needles.

Me? I’m still working on the bunny… It has a head, 2 ears, a body, 2 arms and one leg. Not much hopping goin’ on around here yet. ;-)

See ya! :D

pink & black

Here is what I am spinning. :) this is vintage stash. I am pretty sure that this yarn will stripe. Can’t wait to see how.


It is merino tencel, dyed by Spincerely Yours. After spinning that cashmere silk blend, this fiber is easier and going much faster previous attempts at spinning this blend.


one reason why i love to spin yarn

I finally finished the cashmere/tussah silk handspun yarn! It was a challenge (not as easy as wool) but I made it work. :-)

(in progress photos can be found HERE)

I am still considering using this in the stripe study shawl as the contrasting color.

It took me a bit to find a way to spin this yarn that I wanted – which was more of a supported long draw than worsted. Here’s a very basic description of how I did it.

I pulled off a bit of the fiber and drafted it out sideways.

I folded that in half.

Then, from the tips, rolled into rolags(ish) and spun from the end. (I don’t really consider them to be rolags ’cause I didn’t card the fiber.)

I had just enough tension on my wheel to pull the fiber out gently and I pulled my fiber hand back slowly, matching the speed that the twist entered the drafting zone. I used my other had to control the speed & pull from my wheel.

I learned a lot from from spinning this yarn and got something very soft and pretty in the end. Soooo worth it! :D


When I was at Loopy Ewe, I was really drawn to this yarn. It’s Malabrigo Worsted weight yarn in the colorway Oceanos.

Like with the other yarn, I only bought 2 skeins, but when I got home, I decided I needed to order another skein to use it for the pattern I had in mind for it.

It’s so squishy & purty. :D

deja shawl

Remember this shawl that became a treat for some little bug?


Well, I finally ripped it out, washed the yarn and started reknitting this shawl. It’s going pretty well. It’s gives me lots of knitting therapy and the colors are pretty.


I lost several inches due to splicing the yarn back together, but all in all, it’s looking very much like it did originally.

sunshine and rainbows

This summer, I went to St. Louis. I made a side trip to Loopy Ewe. During my time there, I decided to go on a ‘rainbow hunt’ and I found this fingering weight yarn by Studio June Yarn in ‘Sunshine and Rainbows’ colorway.

At the time, I bought two skeins.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a third. Whatever I make with this yarn, I want to make sure I have enough. And yes… I have a plan. ;)

One can never have too many rainbows.

working my way back

Hi. :) Yes, I’m still out here in the world. Is anybody out there?

It’s been a challenging year… during part of which, my favorite yarn store closed. I really only knit on one thing this for most of the summer – black rainbow shawl (the stripe study shawl) and I only finished it this past week.

These photos are pre-block. But I really like how it came out. Not really stripey, which I really like. This shawl is for me. Maybe one day I’ll make another one.

fo: monet shawl

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Anybody out there? ;-)

Yes, I’m still alive and breathing. I’m attempting to make some changes in my RL and unfortunately, blogging seems to be a casualty in this case. I am sad about that, but there’s only so much energy and time a person has.

So blogging for the next little while will be a bit sporadic. But I’m knitting up a storm and my spinning wheel is even getting a little attention these days. Hope you’ll hang in there with me. I miss sharing my fiber adventures with you. :)

I finished my shawl! I call it the ‘Monet Shawl’ ’cause the colors in the barber pole yarn remind me of impressionistic art. It looks different from far away than it does close up. (you can see the fiber and yarn in THIS POST)

Started: March 13 2011 – Completed: April 28 2011

a little knitting therapy

Lately, I’ve been a little stressed and a little overwhelmed… so I decided that I needed a little comfort. That, of course, meant knitting.

So I pulled out some handspun, wound it up and started knitting a very basic triangular shawl. No specific pattern but lots of mindless stockinette with lots of color. The color of the shawl reminds me of an impressionistic painting so I’m calling it my ‘Monet Shawl’.

Here’s are some photos of fiber, yarn and just a small peek at the beginning of the shawl. Enjoy! :)

fiber friday: mmmmm… cashmere

Buying new stuff for my stash is not currently in the budget so I am looking to my cherished stash to knit patterns that I’ve fallen in love with.

One such pattern is the Stripe Study Shawl. If you have not seen this recently released pattern, it is an asymmetrical triangular shawl knit in garter stitch.

I pondered a bit, trying to figure out what I wanted to use. I have some CCM Merino-Nylon that I could use, but the yarn said it didn’t want to be this pattern. (Yes, yarn can be pretty particular about what it wants to be.)

Then I remembered that I have some reclaimed/redyed yarn that I bought quite a while ago from AllSpunUp before all the lovely spinning fiber filled her shop. It’s this lovely, blue-purpley fingering weight yarn and oh so soft.

So the next question became what would I use for the contrasting color? Enter the cashmere/tussah silk fiber that I bought last year.

I originally had other plans for it but that did not come to fruition so, after I finish my current spinning project, I plan to spin a 2-ply fingering-ish weight yarn to use as a part of this shawl.

A cashmere/silk shawl…in garter stitch…can you imagine?

I’ll go now while you think about that.

Bye! :)

fiber friday: cherished stash

Do you have cherished stash? Stash that’s been waiting oh-so-patiently for that …*ahem* perfect *cough* pattern? I have a much of that here at Saffron Knits.

I’ve been wanting to use this particular yarn for this pattern for a while. So this year, at some point (how’s that for vague ;-) ), I’m going to use this cherished yarn to hopefully make an equally cherished shawl.

The yarn:

It is Cabin Cove Mercantile Merino-Nylon fingering weight yarn.

Colorway: Midnight Sky

Colorway: Sunrise

The pattern:

Daybreak by Stephen West

What I love about the idea of using this yarn for this pattern is that each was created by very talented men and the name/colorway of the yarn and pattern compliment each other so well.

I think going from Midnight Sky to Sunrise will make a very lovely Daybreak. :)

did I mention what I am knitting?

I am knitting a hat and a shawl….


Need more details than that? Ok, ok. :)

The hat is true mindless knitting. It’s the Sockhead Hat pattern and I am used Cabin Cove Mercantile’s Ombre yarn in the colorway ‘Coal’.

The yarn has this cool spiral thing goin’ on and this has been a great project when life stresses me out and I need to calm down.

The shawl I am knitting is a kind of ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-pants’ project. I’m making it up as I go along and keep changing my mind on every row.

The yarn is Tosh Merino Light – pretty drool-worthy stuff – awesome yardage for the price.

did I mention what I am spinning?

I recently got some fiber from Spincerely Yours in the colorway ‘Periwinkle’. I was really drawn in by the subtle/soft blues and purples and had to buy it.

It’s spins like a dream – so soft. I am pulling off pieces of the top, and drafting it out sideways then spinning in a supported long draw so the resulting singles have a bit of air in them.

I hope this will make a nice squishy two-ply fingering weight yarn.

fiber friday: so cute

ok, so it’s fiber friday on Saturday. :)

I got my Moose Toes Sock Kit from Cabin Cove Mercantile. It’s so cute! Seven 50-yard mini-skeins and one black skein of 200 yards. Just enough to have some major fun with color.

I wanted to cast on right away, but my yarn store didn’t have the needles I like so they ordered them for me. Don’t you just hate having to wait to cast on??? It’ll be worth it, I’m sure. :)

Not telling you what I’m gonna make, tho. (It’s pointless ’cause I keep changing my mind)… but when I do, you’ll be the first to know! :)

Have a rainbow day! :)

rainbows anonymous

Hi. My name is Saffron and I’m addicted to Rainbows. I mean, seriously. I’ve loved rainbows since I was in high school but it’s now a big part of my love of fiber and color. Every Indie dyer has such a unique eye for rainbows, it’s become so much fun buying trying them.

Cabin Cove Mercantile has recently offered some wonderfully colorful kits.

First came the Original Compass Collection.

It has 21 individually hand dyed 50-yard skeins. That’s over 1,000 yards of fingering weight yarn!!


I have some ideas of what I’m going to make with it… but the most prominent idea… this idea would require me to buy at least one more kit so it warrants more thought.

Dave’s most recent kit is the Moose Toe’s Rainbow Sock Kit. Yes I bought one and I know exactly what I want to make. Given the snow storm making it’s way across the country, I doubt that it’s shipped yet. But that’s ok. The anticipation is fun!

Rainbows in winter. Gotta love it! :)

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things goin’ on at Saffron Knits..

  1. Exercise & weight loss – so far so good. Participating in ‘The Biggest Loser’ Incentive at work is very motivating.
  2. Jillian Michael’s exercise videos are designed to kill you. If they don’t… You’ll get stonger.
  3. Planning to get guitar fixed and learn to play.
  4. A college professor gave me my guitar.
  5. Knitting some yoga socks from handspun. It’s going very slow due to some distrations.
  6. Distractions = new iPod Touch. I’m obsessed.
  7. Have 1,376 songs on my iPod. Have become obsessed with singer/songwriter Melissa Ferrick. Her music/songs take up about 1/4 of the songs on my iPod.
  8. I have listened to Melissa Ferrick’s cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ over and over and over and over and … well… you get the point. You can hear it on Melissa Ferrick’s website.
  9. Writing every day. Haven’t written anything (not counting this blog) for three years – finally have the desire to do so.
  10. Spinning ten minutes a day. Yay for spinning! Bought some lovely periwinkle fiber from Spincerely Yours. (You can see it HERE) I LOVE IT!

Hope 2011 is treating you well! :)

Here’s another fave by Melissa Ferrick – “To Let You See Me”